Ha Giang - A place where the quintessence of Mong national culture converges

Ha Giang - A place where the quintessence of Mong national culture converges

Stretching across the S-shaped strip of land, Vietnam possesses an extremely rich cultural treasure, adorned by the unique beauties of54 brotherly ethnic groups. In Particular, the Mong ethnic group stands out with its traditional cultural identity preserved for generations. The place that fully preserves these is the majestic land of Ha Giang, where the Hmong community lives the largest in the country.

Mong soul blends with majestic nature.


On The rocky plateau of Dong Van, theMong villages hide among the clouds and sky, like an enchanting water painting. Here, more than 200,000 Hmong people with two main groups: White Mongols andMongolians, are preserving and promoting their unique cultural identity.

They are famous for their rocky farming, sowing seeds of hope on every cat's ear cliff. Exquisite Handicrafts such as brocade weaving, knitting, forging ... is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of the Hmong people.

Brilliant Hmong cultural identity.


Mong culture is an invaluable treasure with unique customs, rituals and beliefs. Ancestor worship, god worship rituals, festivals ... demonstrate spiritual beliefs and community cohesion. 


Folk songs, Mong folk dances echoing mountains and forests, are the hearts of people here. The sound of cowardice, the rattle of the flute, the flexible dances captivate the heart.

The motif on the Butt costume is a symbol for the universe, for dreams and hopes. Each outfit is a delicate work of art, meticulously woven with vibrant patterns and colors, expressing the unique taste and identity of each Mong group. 


Mong National Culture Festival - A festival of pride and solidarity.


Following the success of 2014, the Second National Mong Cultural Festival held in Ha Giang in 2016 is an important cultural event, attracting the attention of a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. 


The festival is a gathering place of Mong cultural quintessence of 13 provinces across the country. Visitors will be immersed in the bustling atmosphere of cultural, artistic, sports, culinary activities …


In particular, the festival is also an opportunity for Hmong people to introduce their unique cultural beauties to international friends, contributing to promoting the image of Ha Giang tourism and promoting cultural exchange between ethnic groups.


Experience Hmong culture - Experience life.


Coming to Ha Giang, visitors not only admire the majestic beauty but also have the opportunity to experience the life of the Hmong people.


Join the highland market, enjoy fragrant corn wine, listen to the rattle, or dance traditional dances with the Hmong people... are unforgettable experiences. 

Immerse yourself in the local life, discover local culture in the most authentic way with ''Ha Giang Tour'' and ''Ha Giang Motorbike Tour'' to create unforgettable memories for a safe and complete trip.

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