Ha Giang: The jade hidden in the head of the Fatherland

Ha Giang: The jade hidden in the head of the Fatherland

Ha Giang - the land of theFatherland, has long been famous for its majestic, wild and poetic natural beauty. This place is like a giant water painting, adorned by limestone mountains, winding terraced fields and colorful flower fields.

 Conquering the ''first mightyman'' of Vietnam


Coming to Ha Giang, visitors can not ignore the top of Ma Pi Leng- the ''firstmighty'' of Vietnam - one of the most beautiful passes in the world. At the foot of the pass is the deepest Tu San canyon in Southeast Asia, where the turquoise Nho Que Riverwinds around steep cliffs. The experience of conquering Ma Pi Leng by motorbike or car will bring you unforgettable emotions, when immersed in majestic nature, watching the undulating cat's ear rock mountains, and feeling the fresh and cool air.

 Hoang Su Phi - ''Wonderful cup'' in the middle of the mountains and forests of theNorthwest.


Nestled in the middle of theNorthwest mountains and forests, Hoang Su Fei is famous for its terraced fields winding along the mountainside, stacked on top of each other, creating an extremely beautiful scene. Especially, in theripe rice season, Hoang Su Fei terraced fields are dressed in golden colors, surprisingly beautiful. 

Suoi Thau steppe - ''Little Europe'' in the heart of Ha Giang.


Suoi Thau steppe is located at an altitude of1,400m above sea level, known as''miniature Europe'' in the heart of Ha Giang. This place owns greengrasses, horses grazing, along with rustic wooden houses, creating a peaceful and poetic scene. Visitors to Suoi Tender can experience horseback riding, trekking, camping, and immerse themselves in the idyllic life of the indigenous people.

Ha Giang tourism is not only about exploring the natural beauty but also an opportunity for visitors to experience the unique culture of ethnic minorities here. Visitors can visit traditional craft villages, enjoy local cuisine and immerse themselves in special festivals.

Thanks to possessing many tourism potentials, Ha Giang is increasingly attracting domestic and foreign tourists. The province's tourism industry is constantly developing, with many tourism events held, improved infrastructure systems and diversified tourism products.

In 2023, Ha Giang will welcome more than 3 million visitors, including 304,558 international visitors. Total revenue tourism is estimated at VND 7,092 billion. These are impressive achievements, affirming the position of Ha Giang tourism on the Vietnam tourism map.

With the available potentials and advantages, we believe that Ha Giang tourism will continue to develop strongly in the future, becoming a key economic sector of the province and contributing to promoting Ha Giang image to international friends.

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